Proxy Advisor Glass Lewis Publishes Canadian Proxy Voting Policy for 2015

Proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis & Co. (Glass Lewis) recently released its Canadian proxy voting policy for the 2015 proxy season. Glass Lewis’ policies are influential in that many institutional investors will follow their advice and vote for or against an issuer’s shareholder resolutions based on Glass Lewis’ policies. Glass Lewis evaluates their guidelines on an ongoing basis and formally updates them annually. The 2015 guidelines are in a document which can be accessed here ... View full post

Defending your Company from Activist Shareholders

CW Event - March 10, 2015 We invite you to attend a roundtable discussion led by Stewart L. Muglich of Clark Wilson LLP and David Salmon of Laurel Hill Advisory Group. Our speakers will provide you with valuable information on how to defend your company from activist shareholders. Stewart L. Muglich and David Salmon have been involved in numerous contested meetings over the years and have assisted many companies in defending themselves from activist investors. Key topics include: Recent Trends Defensive measures Avoiding a proxy battle When: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 7:30 a.m.… ... View full post